Your Google sites ranking is important to generating leads. Find out how to boost your ranking and increase your site traffic.

There are around 200 million active websites currently. While there are over 1.5 billion websites, they are not all active. Even competing against 200 million websites for Google sites ranking can seem intimidating. 

There are things you can do to increase your rankings and get your website to the top of the search engine results. Continue reading this article to learn these ranking strategies and find out how you can use them for your website.

Tips for Boosting Google Sites Ranking

Your website is your company’s online business card and the face of the company. Even if you have an impressive website, if no one can find you, your website won’t do you any good. Use the following tips to help you get the results your business needs.

Creating Content

But what is content? Content can be anything from text, audio, video, animations, graphics and images, in the form of a infomercials, video FAQ’s, written articles, blog posts, tutorials an myriad other communication mediums.

Every time you create a piece of content, you need to work on improving its quality. The higher the quality of content you make, the easier it is to gain recognition and momentum for it.

Be consistent when creating content, but don’t just throw content out there once a week whenever you feel you are obligated to do so. You need to strategize and know why you are creating content. Think of “content” as your opportunity, yes opportunity to interact on a FAQ basis. Every business gets the same questions repeatedly, sometimes unique questions come up too.

Build a video profile FAQ that enhances the written version of your responses to questions. You already have the answers! Profiling yourselves to customers offers a much more personalized interaction that will help you stand out! If you don’t know if this is right for you, check out your competition’s website to see if they are doing this, if not, then you can be a first mover in your space.

Enhancing User Experience

User experience (UX) is becoming more important all of the time, and Google requires that your site provides a great experience if you want high rankings. User experience includes how easy your site is to navigate, read, how fast it loads how long users stay on your page, if users are engaging socially. While there are other UX signals, these are the key signals Click Leads will address to top your website! Make sure to contact us so we can get your site ranking.

Focus on these key areas and continue to improve them as you grow to see improved rankings for your company.

Building Backlinks

Building backlinks is important, but you want to make sure they are built properly and via authority domains. You don’t want to get spammy links that will hurt your SEO rankings. Instead of building spammy links, you can search for guest posting opportunities from real websites. You must be aware of the variations of linkbuilding including white hat, gray hat and black hat. Implementing the latter can adversely impact your website by literally dropping all of your webpages in the search engine results ranking, overnight. Whenever you hire another company to build your SEO profile make sure to request they also talk you through the methods used in building backlinks.

Not all backlinks are created equal. You should find backlinks on relevant websites instead of sites from any niche. Don’t forget to mix up your anchor text, follow/nofollow links as well researching the Domain Authority or Trust Flow/Citation flow from the inbound links.

Stay in Front of Potential Customers

The worst thing you can do is get lost in the conversation. People need to remember who you are when it comes time to purchase your product or service. You should stay in front of your customers by being on various channels. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, Google, Facebook, and Pinterest are all hip, relevant, and professional hang outs. Your logo must precede where your customers will be.

If you don’t get in front of people on a regular basis, customers will forget your company and opt to buy from your competition, sometimes simply because they were the last advertising interaction. Get active on social media, blog, put content on YouTube and other video sharing sites, write authoritative articles and guest post on sites where your audience frequents.

Get the Help You Need

Now that you know what goes into getting Google sites ranking, it can seem overwhelming. You shouldn’t be overwhelmed, but instead, reach out to be first on the scene at those hip hang out spots! Contact us today to see how we can help your business thrive.