Search engine optimization

let content & popularity guide your rankings


You must prove to search engines that your site has 3 important signals: links, engaging content and an algorithm that likes you. Do this by offering authority content that people need, stay on and link to. Keep content fresh and engaging, use social media channels to redirect visitors to your site.

But why does Google matter so much?

Google nets 73% of internet search traffic whereas Bing and Yahoo! combine for 11% (netmarketshare). Optimizing your web presence to be more discoverable is the best online resource for finding more customers. Only 9% (ahrefs) of internet traffic is seen by Google, is yours?

Are all of your webpages indexed? Are you optimized for competition?

Search traffic falls 95% by page 2!!

Not only should you engage an advertising firm to attract customers, but when users are looking for more information via search and land on your pages then you appear as the knowledgeable resource where users spend more time clicking around on your site search traffic falls 95% by page 2!! Consider this organic search data (chitika) on google:


Click 1st Organic Result


Click Top 3 Organic Results


Only View Page 1


On Page Paid ads Clicked


There are around 200 signals that Google uses to assess the value and therefore visibility of a webpage. One of these signals is called a backlink or put another way – when one web page refers back to another webpage via a hyperlink. Any webpage that wants to rank high in search will need a backlink profile. Do you know what your backlink profile looks like? Call today for a free consultation. An example of this is Wikipedia, which is considered highly trusted and highly authoritative, when Wikipedia places a “backlink” on its page to your page, then your page will pick up some of the mojo or juice of Wikipedia. The ‘juicier’ the backlink, the greater your credibility! Strong backlink building is an art and we only use white hat methods to build your profile.

Citation Building

We ensure you are found from the various corners of the internet by registering your business with hundreds of online directories including: Google, Yelp and Bing! At a minimum you should claim your listing with the top 20 directories. The further you reach the more Search Engines believe a business is local and legit. But how would I know how many citations I need? We spy on your competition to analyze how many they have then beat the top ones to keep you visible for a long time. Citation building alone can act as a backlink so building up these valuable resources is well worth the investment.

Is your web traffic slowing down?

This is typical of increasingly tighter competition in your market. As more service providers enter your territory, they are maneuvering for the same customer pool by optimizing their website.

Search engine algorithms index every attribute on your page, good or bad. You may suffer from:

  • Incorrect or insufficient keywords
  • Backlinks from sources being punished by search engines
  • Broken internal and external links
  • Unclickable title tags
  • Missing ALT attributes
  • Poor usage of Header tags
  • Multiple copies of the same page

All of these can lead to poor scoring that push you further down in the rankings.

Find out today how you can outrank the others and get to the top of search results.

We review your website for more than 100 of the most common SEO issues to put you on top of search results.

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