There are more than 30 million small businesses in the U.S. So if you’re a small business owner, let’s talk about how can you digitally survive when you’re competing against so many other companies…

While there are lots of methods to choose from including SEO, integrating responsive design, on screen gamification, valuable videos, one of the best is through creating engaging website content. When people can easily find your content, get through it, and find value in it, you’ll be on your way to growing your bottom line.

But how do you know what content your clients wants to engage with? Well, that depends… Always start with what are the common questions your clients ask. (Keep your customers pain points at the heart of every question you answer.)  From there dig into your responses to elicit additional nuggets of content. Suppose you’re a carpet cleaning business and customers often inquire about water temperature. You could respond with: We clean at temperatures greater than 150 degrees F and leave it at that to have accurately answered the query. BUT WAIT… what more could you do with your  response? If you are in the cleaning business you know that there are 4 fundamental elements for cleaning: Heat, Chemicals, Time, Agitation. Voila! BINGO!!! Now you have a whole new article opportunity (content) by explaining what each of these are AND you can take this to the next level by turning these into various content types.

After solving for what is at the heart of your customers’ concerns and you want more topics, topics that allow you to better anticipate your clients needs. Try Buzzsumo! This tool allows you to find out what are the most relevant topics surrounding your particular niche. An endless opportunity to use as inspiration for the most topical issues of the day!

Here are some more tips to help you create engaging website content that will drive results for your company.

Make It Easy to Read

First and foremost, your web content should be easy to read. You want your visitors to understand your copy and to be able to get through it quickly. Think left to right, top to bottom

Make sure the sentences are complete but also keep them short. Avoid super long paragraphs as well. Those can be a major roadblock for people. Remember, your readers have limited time so burying an answer can easily turn off your readers, quickly.

Also, make sure to use uncomplicated language. This is important because the general public consumes text at an 8th-grade reading level. If you know that the only people who would use your products and services are industry folks, then perhaps a technical response would be great, but for the general folks wanting to learn more about how you operate, no need to complicate things.

Last but not least, integrate bulleted lists and pictures throughout your text. These break things up visually, helping your visitors get through more content.

Make Your Website Content Original

Next, be sure to make your web content original. The more time that passes, the more content is out there on the internet. You don’t want your copy to be boring and something that could be found anywhere.

To do this, always put your own spin or perspective on your content. Don’t be afraid to take a bold stance! This is more engaging for the visitor. Offering a diverse perspective showcases your ability to critically and creatively solve problems.

Another idea is to make your content more specific. Identify a certain niche and write to them instead of the general public. This will help your copy stand out from the rest. For assistance writing great web copy, consider hiring an SEO team today.

Make It Actionable

It’s also key to make your copy actionable. Don’t just be theoretical. If you’re giving people information on a topic, make sure you end by telling them what action to take to get started.

Example 1, adding a Call To Action (CTA) button is now a ubiquitous tool to simplify how customers can get a hold of you.

Example 2, if you’re writing about baking cookies, include a favorite recipe. If you sell chocolate chips, for instance, directly invite people to purchase a bag and include a link to do so.

People appreciate clear instructions, so be direct, but brief! Instruct them on what action they should take.

This will help you generate more leads or sales and will also create a better experience for your audience.

Start Seeing Results

There you have it: 3 simple ways to improve your website content so that it produces better results. Be sure to make your copy readable, original, and actionable and you’ll start seeing great results.

Have questions? Want to dive deeper into this topic? Feel free to reach out to our team of professionals today for assistance.

We are happy to create a customized content plan just for you!